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Since the inception of the company, we have been able to develop products and services that hit the mark. In a variety of industries, Browsersoft continues to deliver solutions that achieve great results

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Browsersoft restructured an entire mission critical enterprise asset tracking and management system for a major railroad.

This second generation Railway Information System (RIS II) replaced an extensive legacy COBOL application originally developed by a big 6 consulting firm. Representing one of the most extensive Java initiatives in North America at the time (according to IBM’s Visual Age marketing group in Canada) the new Browser based solution now replaces over 120 text screens with approximately 20 GUI screens, supports a database of over 35 tables (1MM+ records in the largest tables) and currently incorporates over 1MM lines of Java code. As a core Mission Critical IT component of the organization, RIS II is heavily relied upon by the finance, engineering, maintenance, track geometry, Maps and Records and executive management departments of the company. Continuing initiatives include the integration of Graphical Information System (GIS) mapping solutions and global positioning systems (GPS).

Browsersoft designed and developed a linearly referenced, Java-based facilities database management and charting application.

The application provides users the ability to create new drawings, or update existing drawings, as automatically generated within MicroStation from any data source. The application currently provides proven 2–way synchronization of a database to approximately 8000 existing CAD drawings, decreasing months of labor to days or hours. This solution is currently a subject of study for standardization across an entire industry.

Browsersoft developed an extensive, Self-Service Java Extranet application for a major insurance company.

It allows the HR departments of their most significant customers the ability to access, modify and update enrollment information for employees. The solution integrates with an existing legacy back end system and incorporates a large array of complex business rules (including HIPPA regulations). Browsersoft also provided extensive mentoring and training to the internal staff throughout the lifecycle which has successfully allowed our client to maintain the application internally.

Browsersoft implemented a program to indoctrinate Object Oriented concepts and Java Programming skills to a large structured programming based IT organization.

The transition program was initiated with selected staff, and incorporated the construction of an actual application relevant to the customer. Augmented by CBTs, on-site workshops and part time mentoring, the program followed the entire development lifecycle from requirements capture through production and included practical instruction in JSPs, Servlets, EJBs and other related topics.

Browsersoft developed a complete Extranet solution for an international organization that provides dynamic publishing of a member statistics database.

The solution used the organization's existing mainframe and DB2 database to replace the manual distribution of weekly reports to over 10,000 offices worldwide, allowing each office to generate customized statistical reports via the Internet.

Browsersoft developed an Extranet solution for an international association that included the dynamic publishing of member and equipment databases.

Site deployment made extensive use of existing in-house systems and Microsoft SQL. The site allows member resellers and vendors the ability to remotely update and maintain product, service and company information that customers and prospects access through searches developed within the site. The design of the solution allows the association to pre-approve all submitted updates and modifications prior to publication and automatically eliminates access to members whose dues have lapsed.

Browsersoft has additionally developed several secure, database driven e-commerce sites.

For a notable Toy manufacturer, Browsersoft created a commerce site that dynamically assembles marketing and ordering information specifically tailored to the target profile of each on-line customer. For a record store chain, Browsersoft created a commerce site that included dynamic links to an on-line newsletter, producing up front orders for yet unreleased recordings.

Browsersoft developed an internally secure Intranet Expert Database application for a major pharmaceutical company.

The solution incorporated the capabilities to search and update internal expertise related to specific products and equipment.

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