OpenHRE™ Toolkit


OpenHRE™ not only provides a great resource for implementing a Health Information Exchange, it provides great tools to allow users to make additions to its functionality.


Browsersoft is both a founder and supporter of the OpenHRE™ Community, a consortium of communities and organizations throughout America that are working together to achieve secure and sustainable health information exchange. Established in 2004, the OpenHRE™ Community shares important findings and deliverables with each other, and collectively contributes to the continuing design, development, and distribution of the OpenHRE™ Toolkit, developed by Browsersoft, Inc.

The OpenHRE™ Community is proof that collaboration, open values and collective innovation are not foreign concepts, but mandatory attributes to embrace for achieving cost effective and sustainable interoperability. Membership is open and free to anyone interested in this shared vision.

Membership includes representation from a breadth of health stakeholders including Health Information Exchanges initiatives, RHIOs, Academic institutions, state and local agencies, commercial vendors, payers, providers and individuals.

Certified Partners

The continued success of OpenHRE™ is built upon the partnerships we establish with software, hardware and services providers. If you are Interested in growing your business with us, join our Certified Partners Program!

  • Certified Business and Development Partner programs.
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  • Commercial Licenses of the OpenHRE™ Tool Kit.

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