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About Browsersoft


Prior to the first commercially available Internet Browser, Browsersoft President and Founder, Don Grodecki, led an extensive initiative to study the feasibility of deploying commercial grade applications via the World Wide Web.


Don's feasibility study was initiated during his tenure as Director, Research and Development, for Informix Software. This early experience grounded Don in the vast potentials of the Internet, and established his early prediction that the most significant returns and growth opportunities for the World Wide Web would exist beyond the e-commerce and information publishing solutions just then emerging.

After leaving Informix, Don published Browser/Server, a prophetic white paper about a new computing paradigm that leveraged the World Wide Web as the ultimate application delivery system for the corporate enterprise. The white paper describes how the Browser/Server paradigm would provide significant returns to the corporate enterprise by blending the performance and GUI characteristics of Client/Server with the control and maintenance features of the Mainframe. Now, years later, Browser/Server represents the most significant Internet growth area as implied within today's loosely defined acronym of "e-Business". Even today, the full potential of Browser/Server has yet to be implemented by most organizations due to the technical challenges and expense involved in delivering Client/Server-like performance across a distributed architecture. Browsersoft has solved these obstacles for its customers by developing leading edge service and product offerings that deliver today's enterprise level e-business applications quickly and cost effectively.

Browsersoft founded in 1998

With strong personal beliefs in the industry's eventual adoption of the Browser/Server paradigm, Browsersoft Inc. was founded in May 1998 by Don Grodecki. Browsersoft's focused mission, then and now, is "To provide customers best-of-class solutions for delivering Mission-Critical/Enterprise scale e-business applications quickly and cost effectively". Since inception, Browsersoft's Professional Services practice has independently, and in cooperation with customer's staff, delivered comprehensive world-class enterprise solutions in record times and with reduced costs. Our proven accomplishments have leveraged the latest in available technologies, including Browsersoft's own eQ!™ Foundation, a powerful, industry standards based suite of development technologies for Java™. Developed by Browsersoft and made exclusively available to it's customers. The eQ!™ Foundation is the first of a series of forthcoming products from Browsersoft that will help to make the full potential of the Browser/Server paradigm a reality.